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When it comes to exposed aggregate and concrete, we have 17 years of real world experience. Our custom formulated coatings have the highest solid content on the market. Throughout the city, we are #1 in aggregate restoration and have been  for some time. We are the only company in town solely dedicated to pavement restoration.  

When you call River City WRAP you get products that are years in the making and quality that can not be surpassed. We offer an unheard of 3 year warranty on gloss retention and repairs. How? From the chemistry to the pavement, we know our products. We designed many of them and they were formulated to last.


Is your aggregate losing stones, cracking or just looking its age? Has your stamped concrete lost its detail and beautiful finish?

Too often do consumers turn to us after they have chosen a lower priced coating company. Though we are great at removing and restoring inferior coatings that blush (turn white) and peel, we would much rather you choose us first to prevent further cost and downtime. Turn to the #1 pavement restoration company in the River City, We Rock Any Pavement.


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